We stock thousands of lines in our fixings range. From General purpose woodscrews to decking screws , Machine screws to heavy concrete bolts. Come down and see us at either of our branches for off the shelf nuts and bolts with no minimum quantity. You don’t have to buy a full bag of any of our fixings we will sell you just the one if you need one.

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Our Fixings Range

  • Allen Keys & Wrenches
  • Cavity Wall Fixings & Plugs
  • Coach Bolts & Screws
  • Compression and Expansion Springs
  • Corrugated Fasteners
  • Cotter Pins
  • Dowel Pins
  • Hexagon Bolts
  • Hook bolts
  • Hose Clips
  • Machine Screws
  • Masonry Drills
  • Nails & Panel Pins
  • Nuts
  • Pop Rivets & Tools
  • Rawlbolts
  • Roofing Bolts
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Split Pins
  • Spring Pins
  • Staple Guns & Staples
  • Studding
  • Thread Repair Kits & Inserts
  • Tool Clips
  • Washers
  • Woodscrews & Drywall Screws

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